Trying Taskwarrior

I have always had struggles with managing tasks, I think it comes with the territory with having ADHD. I've tried all sorts of tools, apps, methods. They usually don't stick. The last one, and honestly the one that has stuck the longest, is keeping a Bullet Journal. But for one reason or another, I have been getting worse and worse at keeping at it on a daily basis. Where I would have entries daily before, I can go a week without picking it up. I think the shift or quarantine might have something to do with it, but so much in my life has changed in the last 6 months, I don't know if I could pin it down on any one thing.

Which brings me to exploring alternative options again, and it coincides with another attempt at being more terminal focused on my personal computer (a whole separate post could be written on this, and has in some past abandoned blog). Which led me to checking out Taskwarrior, the last way I used to organize my thoughts, notes, and tasks was Org-Mode which although I don't use it any more, I still love it, and would love someday to get back into it. But on first glance, Taskwarrior looks to be easier to just simply use. The learning curve of basic use seems very shallow compared to Org-Mode.

I am trying to sort out an effective way to sync the tasks to my phone as I need any task manager I use to work for a shopping list. I need my shopping list on my phone for that to work as I am not hauling my laptop into the grocery store. This seems like other people have it figured out, but I am not there yet. I signed up for a site called, which seems to have the ability to use it's API to sync tasks and it looks like it can integrate with Trello, which I can put on my phone. But I am looking for as basic as I can get and I don't really consider Trello to be that.

I will hopefully stick with this at least a few days and have some observations on how it worked out for me.

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